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It’s All About You!

Can you help us build a culture of curiosity? Do you have it in you to pull out unexpected insights from customer data? 

Read On!

Acrotrend Solutions is hosting our annual Hiring Boot Camp in India from 2nd December to 10th December in the following cities; 

  • > Mumbai
  • > Pune
  • > Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • > Nagpur
  • > Baroda

This is an exclusive invite only event!

Acrotrend Solutions is a consultancy with a clear focus on customer analytics and insights - we are the preferred choice for our clients as we are dynamic, agile and rich in experience with a global reach.  

Fast track your career are plentiful if you can display in-depth knowledge, insatiable passion and attention to detail.

Email your CV and let us know which city you are based in to receive an exclusive invitation.

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Join the Family

Members of our Family come from around the world and are some of the best minds in the industry. 


Key On-Site Projects

All of our clients are based in the UK and you will get to work on key strategic projects that focus on delivering value. 

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Meritocracy Over Seniority

You will be rewarded for the work you put in rather than how long you have been here. Simple as that.


Our Approach

We don't believe in benching our consultants and look at value delivery rather than billability.


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Learning & Development

We are always on cutting edge of what is possible with technology and we develop your skills and teach you new ones.


Open Door Culture

Connect with anyone in the organisation without having to go through cumbersome processes.

I love the feeling that each day brings something new, a puzzle to solve or an idea to realise. It is an exciting time to work here! 

Kristian Keep

Head of Innovation


We are really excited by your talent!

Due to the high number of applications, we prioritise and reply to those with proven experience. This is an invite only boot camp and no walk-ins are allowed. Please mention the closest city to you when submitting your CV with covering letter for consideration and detail your experience and relevant projects that you have worked on. 

Kanu 2017

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