GDPR: Your Roadmap

As an Events Professional you will know that the GDPR legislation is coming into effect on May 25th 2018.

It will fundamentally change the way you collect and process data and this applies uniquely to the Events Industry. 

It doesn't have to be scary! 

We believe that this legislation will not only enhance your relationship with your attendees but also propel you and your organisation to a "Single View" of your attendees.

Got your attention? 

In our 'Roadmap to GDPR' Workshop you will take away;

  • The facts of GDPR specific to the Events Industry
  • A practical framework you should look to implement
  • How this applies to real life scenarios at your events
  • What your journey to a "Single View" looks like and
  • Why GDPR is a positive disruption for the events industry
The Workshop will be headed by Sandeep Mendiratta, MD and Co-Founder of Acrotrend Solutions. Supported by Meenal Ashtikar who is the Head of Customer Analytics and a subject matter expert for Events Industry and Amelia Callow who brings expertise from a Data Architect perspective. 

Roadmap to GDPR Registration

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Acrotrend Solutions is a customer analytics consultancy that brings decision-making and intelligence together allowing the event professional to manage audience and exhibitor data, analytics and insights.

Date: Thursday 14th December 2017   Time: 1pm - 3pm 

Location: 30 Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS

Nearest Station: Blackfriars/Waterloo/Southwark 

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Paul Davies

Head of Sales & Events

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